Spin Classes

A Spin class is a great way to improve your cardiorespiratory endurance, working your heart and lungs while building lean muscle in your legs.

In Imelda’s Spin class you are encouraged to set your own pace. You have control of the resistance on your own bike, allowing you to increase or lower the intensity as you cycle.

Imelda will guide you through various different elements of a Spin class, including climbs, standing jogs and brief HIIT sessions, using popular music tracks to help motivate you. A typical class lasts around 45-50 mins. Class participants will need to wear runners, rather than walking shoes. They will also need to bring water and a small hand towel with them to class.

Advantages to an Indoor Spin Class:

  • According to a Harvard Health Study, you can burn between 400 and 600 calories in a moderate intensity class.
  • Spinning puts far less pressure on your knees and your feet over other traditional cardio workouts.
  • It can help lower blood pressure
  • It increases lung capacity
  • Can help reduce asthma symptoms
  • Will strengthen leg muscles, core and back muscles
  • No outdoor cycling discomforts e.g. traffic, poor road conditions, insects or bad weather.

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