Online Personal Training

I totally understand that not everyone has the time to attend a gym or a fitness class. Or those forms of exercise won’t always appeal to everyone. I have found through experience working in the fitness industry that some prefer their journey to better health and fitness to be a private one. Which is why I provide Online Personal Training.

When you and I meet initially, either on the phone or via Zoom, we will discuss your goals and what it is you are hoping to achieve. We will put a plan together, taking into consideration your lifestyle, any health issues you may have, your availability to train, how much time you have to give to exercise, and your current fitness level. We will also discuss your exercise preference, creating an exercise plan that you will enjoy so that there is a better chance of you staying with it.

We will spend time discussing your current nutrition regime and any positive changes which need to be made to improve your health through good nutrition. What you eat plays a huge part in how you feel and how much energy you have. As I often say, when you eat crap, more than likely you’ll feel crap!!! And it’s not always about the quantity of food that you are consuming, it can often be the quality.

During our Online Personal Training session, I will guide and assist you to reach your goal, but you must be prepared to put in the work. We will have a weekly check-in where we will discuss your progress and any changes you might like to make to your plan.

Together, we can bring about change!

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