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Attending Imelda’s spin class once a week has been brilliant. I’m in my 20’s and have had asthma most of my life. The classes have been a great help, improving my fitness tremendously since I started. Imelda always presents a friendly and welcoming environment for people of all ages and fitness levels, where people can push themselves but are free to go at their own pace also. If her Spin class is anything to go by, I would highly recommend any of Imelda’s classes.
Shane C.

I have been doing regular classes with Imelda, initially in the studio and more recently by Zoom. She is very professional and has great motivational skills. She encourages me to work within my range and at the same time encourages me to push myself to do that little bit extra. I always feel the better of having participated in one of Imelda’s classes.

Deirdre L.

I have taken both on line and in studio classes with Imelda. Her classes are excellent.Imelda is a great instructor. She gives clear and easy to follow instructions. Her continuous encouragement throughout the class definitely helps me feel good and confident that I can do the class. I would highly recommend any of Imelda’s classes.
Joy S.

I cannot recommend Imelda’s online fitness classes enough. She is so encouraging and explains everything so well. She ensures we are all challenged but not under pressure. Since beginning Imelda’s class, I feel stronger, fitter and have more energy. Imelda cares about the wellbeing of all members of her class no matter what fitness level you are at. With Imelda’s online classes, you get a great full body workout in your own home in 30 minutes. What more could you want??
Angela L.

I love the online classes as I can workout in the comfort of my own home yet with a qualified and inspiring instructor. With Imelda I’ve learned that age is not a barrier to a strong body and mind. Her focus and positivity is catching!!

Audrey M.

I would highly recommend Imelda as a trainer. I have done both live classes and online body weight classes with her and found both very professional. Imelda is very encouraging and motivating! She changes exercises every class and it never gets boring.
Andrea H.

I would very much recommend Imelda’s pilates classes. The studio is spacious and airy. Imelda is a very encouraging teacher and is very positive no matter what level your pilates ability is. She demonstrates the moves clearly and the classes are easy to follow while still being challenging and all levels are catered for. Regular pilates is great for toning and for building up core strength and I’d really encourage anyone to sign up for Imelda’s classes. 
Daire O'C

When I first met Imelda, I was fed up with the way that I looked, together with all the aches and pains that I was suffering from. I thought that I had left it too late to start exercising and I have always felt too self conscious to go to a gym.

Working with Imelda as a Personal Trainer, through a tailored exercise program, positive feedback and amazing encouragement, Imelda has completely changed how I feel and think about exercise and food. I have lost weight and built up good body strength and feel more positive in all aspects of my life.

I would highly recommend Imelda, she is brilliant. She has taught me that I can do and achieve anything that I put my mind to and most importantly that it’s never too late to start exercising.

Deborah G.

I have been going to Imelda’s Spinning classes for almost 2 years now. I had not partaken in any exercise classes for quite some time and felt apprehensive at first.

However, I found the classes to be suitable to all levels of fitness. As Imelda says “once you are on the bike, you set your own pace”, which is ideal for me.

My fitness level has improved greatly which is wonderful for mind and body alike.

I would highly recommend Imelda’s spinning class for all ages and fitness levels.

Gillian C.

I am a middle aged woman, who over the years always had the very best of intentions around exercise and keeping relatively fit etc. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. I came to Imelda very unfit and undertook her weight training and spin classes. I have, to my surprise, continued to participate in the classes, as I find Imelda to be encouraging, empathic, supportive, kind and very knowledgeable, I always have the feeling of “being the only one” in her classes. She manages in her quite, but confident way to deal with all levels on this journey.

I’ve been doing both online and studio classes with Imelda, she is so positive and encouraging. I would highly recommend her classes.

Anna M.

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