Online Pilates

In the comfort of your own home,  you can take part in a 30 minute online Pilates class. A class that will incorporate light stretches with the movements, while you focus on your breath as you move. A class performed at a gentle pace, with the emphasis core and posture.

There are many benefits to doing an online Pilates class:

  • You can perform whatever level of the movement you feel you can control, without comparing yourself to other class participants.
  • Complete the session at home feeling relaxed and flexible.
  • When there is no travel involved, you’re saving yourself time and money.
  • Classes are very reasonable priced.
  • You can decide at the last minute to attend a Pilates session online.
  • If you have children or grandkids, you don’t need to have a babysitter organised.
  • You can do the session from anywhere, once you have a device, just login.
  • Once you’re finished your Pilates session, you’re immediately at home.
  • You can still attend in-studio classes, while having the option of an online class also.
  • No expensive equipment needed, just you and a mat (or the rug or carpet).

When you book any online class for the first time, you get second online class of your choice for FREE.

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Let me help you with a class combining gentle movements and nice stretches.
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